The Afiscooter SE provides enhanced driving experience!

A Red Dot Design Award winner!  

Elevated level of maneuverability with three wheels for both urban and rural environments.

The  Afiscooter SE with its black & chrome retro design is an eye-catcher that makes a real statement. an extremely rugged scooter with a 20-year track record of unbeatable reliability.

The Afiscooter SE has the comfort and stability of a big scooter, simple controls and smooth steering that together with an extra small turning radius allows the driver to negotiate almost any obstacle, be it in the high streets or on a countryside traverse.

Go to the beach or the country club, take a tour around your village, go to the shopping center, with the Afiscooter SE you can do it all!

The strong steel chassis and rear power unit combine strength with a long driving range, designed for stable and safe ride on any terrain.


  • Reliable electronic command system
  • Comfortable seat with adjustable armrest
  • Fully electric - provides a silent, environmentally friendly and highly efficient maintenance vehicle
  • Three-wheel model for maximum maneuverability. Solid large rear basket for storage
  • The large wheels enable driving on unpaved roads, over rough terrain and to overcome obstacles as high as 4” (10 cm).
  • The SE can climb slopes up to 21% - Single, 18% - Double. The braking system stops the SE smoothly and a short distance after the Operating Lever is released.
  • Under normal conditions the SE can travel approximately 40 km (25 miles) before the batteries require recharging.


Overall Length 158cm (62")
Overall Width - Standard Wheels 73cm (29")
Overall Height - No Canopy 124cm (49")
Overall Height - with Canopy 202cm (79")
Ground Clearance 125cm (5")
Weight - No Batteries 99kg (218lb)
Weight - (+) Batteries +146kg (322lb)
Weight Capacity Including Driver 200kg (550lb)
Travel Range 45km (28m)
Maximum Speed 15Km/h (9.3mph)*
Max Climbing Angle 20%
Turning Radius 115cm (45")
Seating Width 46cm (18")
Tire Type Pneumatic (1.7bar)
Tire Size - Front 2.75x10"
Tire Size - Rear 2.75x12"
Battery Type x2 12V 73Ah
Rear Wheel Drive Power Unit 24V DC motor | 1,300W
Charger Type 8 AMP
Color Black & Chrome


 Afikim Electric Vehicles hereby warrants, guarantees and undertakes responsibility to replace free of charge defected part items material, found upon examination by an authorized representative of Afikim Electric Vehicle to be defective in material and/or workmanship according to the policy herby mentioned.

For the Lifetime of the Product from the date of delivery, Afikim Electric Vehicles will replace free of charge, any of the following Metal parts: Main Frame, Seat Post & Tiller Metal Parts   

For two (2) years from the date of delivery, Afikim Electric Vehicles will replace free of charge, any of the following parts:  Power Unit (Motor, Transaxle & EMB), Controller, Charger, Harnesses, Electronic sub-assemblies: Boards, Sensors, switches, Potentiometer, Fuses, Gas piston, Brakes  

For one (1) year from the date of delivery, Afikim Electric Vehicles will replace free of charge, any of the following parts: Bearings, Bushings, Shock absorbers, Seat  

This warranty does not extend to items which may require replacement due to normal wear and tear such as: Plastic shrouds, Motor brushes, Brake Pads, Tires and tubes, Bulbs & Lights, Upholstery, Rust, noises and/or Circumstances beyond the control of Manufacturer.  

Afiscooter SE - A Classic 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter With Retro Design


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wonderful product.

This scooter has been very useful to me. Wonderful product.

5.0 / 5

Ease of use. Easy to get on and off. Good speeds on a straight away. Easy to maneuver in tight area’s. Feels solid and like a real vehicle. Easy to charge the batteries.
Not sure yet. I have not tried to service the batteries yet.
john m. from canton, oh
User Details:
Male, age 72, spinal cord injury, lower right quadrant is injured. 230 lbs. Finds it very hard to walk any real distance.

This scooter is actually fun to ride and meets all of my...

This scooter is actually fun to ride and meets all of my...

5.0 / 5

The lighting system and the ease of operation.
The ability to turn a round or back up in a small area (turning radius).
larry w. from mn
User Details:
The person using this scooter is 68 years old and has trouble walking.