This VERY popular home docking station is an off board charger, which allows you to charge your battery INDEPENDENTLY of your scooter - a major convenience!

  • You can leave the scooter in your car ready for the next use.
  • Remove the battery and bring it indoors (with the charger that is included when you purchased the scooter) to charge it.
  • Plug the charger into the docking station and into the wall socket.
  • Load the battery into the docking station.
  • Small light will be amber during charging.
  • Small light turns green once fully charged.
  • Remove charged battery and place in scooter.
  • Enjoy your day!

Without this accessory the Luggie will always need to be charged via the scooter itself.

This off-board charger is compatible with all our Luggie Lithium Ion batteries.

FreeriderUSA Luggie Home Docking Station Accessory

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