White Glove Delivery

Setting up your new mobility vehicle doesn’t have to be

another stressful drain on your attention!


We got this!



Skooterama has partnered with a White Glove Delivery Service that is



BBB Accredited,

Licensed and Certified!


Established in 2010, This company has served over 30,000 customers!

Their technicians are 100% licensed, certified, and thoroughly vetted.


Satisfaction is Guaranteed!



Those who can benefit from this Premium Delivery Service are:

·      Limited in mobility

·      Recovering from an illness or injury

·      Lack the physical strength to assemble it

·      Need a demonstration on how to use and care for the equipment.

·      People purchasing mobility vehicles for out of town family who will need assistance with set up


What is the process?

·      Your new vehicle is delivered to the Certified Technician nearest your location

·      They will set up a delivery time with you

·      They will usually unpack, assemble, inspect, and test the new vehicle in their workspace

·      The new vehicle is then delivered to your location, ready to go, and placed where you want it on your property

·      Use and care of the vehicle is demonstrated

·      Questions are answered

·      Off you go!


No heavy lifting!

No confusing instructions!

No Packaging to dispose of

No fuss – No Mess!


What We Need to Know:

Are there any barriers, curbs, steps, stairs to get your new vehicle into the desires space in your home?


What You Need to Know:

·       This service adds another set of experts and level of coordination to the delivery team to ensure that your new vehicle is handled, assembled, and delivered to your door with the utmost care! As a result, this service may add to the delivery time of your vehicle – as much as 5 to 7 days – but perhaps less.

·       Although every effort is made to accommodate everyone, this service may not be available in very remote areas. You will be notified within 72 hours if this is the case.