What is the difference between 3, 4, and 5 wheel Scooters?

 3 Wheel Scooters: There are 3 wheel scooters of all sizes, from super small to super large. With 1 wheel in front and 2 in the rear, these scooters are very maneuverable and have a tighter turning radius, making the smaller ones great for indoors and crowded areas.

 4 Wheel Scooters: There are small and large 4 wheel scooters, but they are typically larger than 3 wheel scooters. They have a broader wheelbase, offering greater stability and improved handling making them more suitable for rougher terrain and traversing obstacles. They are a great all-purpose choice.

 5 Wheel Scooters: These are relatively new in the industry. The fifth wheel, located in the center, either towards the front or rear, gives the scooter a tighter turning radius than a 4 wheel scooter typically has. 5 wheel scooters combine the stability of 4 wheel models and the agility of the 3 wheel models.

The choice between these models depends on individual preferences, requirements and intended usage. Factors such as maneuverability, terrain, indoor / outdoor use, and personal comfort should all be considered.