Mobility Buying Guide

Aging and disability are facts of life and sometimes accidents happen. That doesn't mean you have to quit enjoying every day, spending time with friends and family or enjoying this big, beautiful world!

We are lucky that in this day and age, there are ways for those with mobility limitations to stay connected that are safe, easy to use, reliable, affordable, and good-looking!

 Mobility Scooter vs Mobility Wheelchair

Those that would benefit greatly from using a Mobility Scooter

  • can still get around on their own, but tire easily
  • distances cause them pain
  • still have postural control and fine motor control
  • cannot or prefer not to drive an automobile

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Manual Wheelchairs are best suited for those who:

  • Are still somewhat mobile and can perform activities of daily living independently
  • Are recovering from a temporary injury
  • Need it for only occasional use
  • Have adequate postural control
  • Have adequate upper body strength:
  • Have coordination and dexterity: 

Powered Wheelchairs are best suited for those who:

  • Have very limited mobility and have difficulty performing typical daily tasks
  • Have little to no postural or limb control
  • Have very limited upper body strength
  • Have very limited coordination and dexterity
  • Are severely disabled

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 Electric Bicycles

Electric bikes (e-bikes) have great versatility and appeal! They make riding easier and more appealing to a broad array of people. They’re both a healthy recreational outlet and a frugal means of transportation when compared with cars. It’s no wonder they’ve become so popular over the past few years.

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