City E-Bikes

Designed for an urban setting, there are many advantages to the city E-Bike.

Environmentally Friendly: Zero emissions during operation.

Cost Effective: No Vehicle fuel costs and minimal maintenance

Health and Fitness: Some pedaling required – or pedal assist for those who still want to exercise but have some limitations

Reduced Commuting Time: Bypass traffic jams, take shortcuts, and navigate through tight spaces more efficiently.

Flexibility: Switch easily between pedal assist and manual pedaling. Traverse many different terrains easily.

Parking & Storage: SO much easier to find parking! Many urban areas set aside special bike parking areas.

Less Sweat: An attractive benefit when you don’t want to start the day all sweaty!

Community & Social Benefits: Group rides and biking clubs foster a connection amongst e-bike users.

For fun around town or racing off to work in the morning – these will get you there surely, quickly and safely – AND – with pedal assist, you don’t have to be exhausted at the end of the day!

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