What is White Glove Delivery, and Do I need It?

What is White Glove Delivery, and Do I need It?

White Glove Delivery got it’s name from the white gloves worn by the staff in elite European households when handling delicate items and expensive silver that would tarnish when it was handled with bare hands. 

It is often referred to as ‘last-mile delivery’, which describes the final step in a product’s journey; from the manufacturer, to the back of a truck, to the customer‘s doorstep.

It describes the process of transporting or delivering goods and products that need to be handled with greater care and attention than regular deliveries. In this case, it is the special handling of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs.  Typically, products selected for white-glove service are valuable – which is why the customer opted for the service in the first place. Therefore, customers have peace of mind and can rest assured that their cargo will be protected against damage, loss, or theft.  Add to this that most buyers of these products have mobility issues, are often older adults, and/or disabled.

 Those who can benefit from this Premium Delivery Service are:

  • Limited in mobility
  • Recovering from an illness or injury
  • Lack the physical strength to assemble it
  • Need a demonstration on how to use and care for the equipment.
  • People purchasing mobility vehicles for out of town family who will need assistance with set up

 What is the process? 

There are many different companies providing this service. In general, they function as follows:

No provider of a service such as this can have trained specialists in every city, town, county, or remote corner of this country. It’s just not possible. They have sought out and partnered with experts in every possible area that are trained to provide this care for the customers in their area. 

Your new vehicle is delivered to THEM – not you! They set up a personalized delivery time with you. Meanwhile, they …

  • Inspect the package
  • Uncrate it
  • Assemble parts as needed
  • Charge batteries, and 
  • Test drive it.

They deliver it to your home in whatever area you want – living room, driveway, back yard, bedroom, etc. When they know what the barriers are – curbs, steps, hills, interior stairs, etc., they can come prepared with the appropriate number of helpers and the delivery will not be delayed.

They demonstrate the product, remain with you while you practice driving it, and answer your questions.

No heavy lifting!
No confusing instructions!
No packaging to dispose of
No fuss – No mess!

It is an extra expense, but for many it is a necessary one and worth every penny! 

Know that: This service adds another set of experts and level of coordination to the delivery team to ensure that your new vehicle is handled, assembled, and delivered to your door with the utmost care! As a result, this service may add to the delivery time of your vehicle – as much as 5 to 7 days – but perhaps less.

Although every effort is made to accommodate everyone, this service may not be available in very remote areas. You will be notified within 72 hours if this is the case.


The Cambridge Dictionary defines white-glove as “providing a very high level of service, or involving a lot of care about small details.” Dictionary.com says that white-glove means “meticulous; painstaking; minute” (as in minute detail).

Skooterama has partnered with a White Glove Delivery Service that is deeply experienced and BBB Accredited. 

Established in 2010, This company has served over 30,000 customers! Their technicians are 100% licensed, certified, and thoroughly vetted.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed!