“There Must Be a Better Way” - The Amigo Story

“There Must Be a Better Way” - The Amigo Story

The history of the Amigo line is an engaging story, as you will see, recounted here from their materials.  I also thought it would be helpful for those trying to decide which Amigo mobility scooter would best suit their needs if all that information was distilled into an easy-to-follow quick reference guide. You will find it at the end of this article - or - you can skip ahead to give it a look now by clicking here.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” so the saying goes, and it could not be more appropriate in the story of Al Thieme, the inventor of the Amigo.

When a family member began to lose their mobility due to Multiple Sclerosis in 1968, there were limited personal mobility devices available. At the time, a young Al Thieme, was working as a plumbing and heating contractor in Bridgeport, Michigan.

Witnessing this loss of independence, he knew there must be a better way. After countless evenings spent working in his garage, Thieme went on to invent the first ever power-operated vehicle/scooter – the Amigo. Amigo Mobility International, Inc. was founded on November 12, 1968, and an entire industry was born.

Thieme’s story of entrepreneurship is both heartwarming and dramatic. But through sheer determination, a little bit of luck, and several “angels,” as he calls the people who believed in him and came to his rescue, Amigo Mobility not only survived but thrived. This family owned Michigan based business is now over fifty years old.

Amigo Mobility Today

Finding quality solutions for mobility needs continues to be their passion, with roots planted in healthcare. Their goal has remained the same, finding quality solutions for those with mobility limitations.

With over half a century’s worth of experience in designing and manufacturing their products, their innovation has led them to product lines covering healthcare, grocery & retail, industrial, government and hospitals.


Their Mission and Values

Founded with the mission of Improving Lives Through Mobility®, Amigo is a family owned and operated business. Al continues to run the company, alongside his wife Beth Thieme, and a talented team of employees. Every Amigo continues to be manufactured at their Michigan headquarters and is shipped worldwide.

They believe in:

●      Find a better way

●      Do the right thing

●      Care for customers and co-workers like family

●      Look to the next 50 years

Al’s Story is beautifully told in his biography “There Must Be a Better Way”, available at: www.myamigo.com/book.  Few biographies or business histories go into the detail of what it takes to build a successful business as this one does!


The Amigo Healthcare Product Line Quick Reference Guide